Basler Turbo 67’s

The Basler’s have certainly proved their worth giving Bell the ideal fixed wing platform to acquire FTG data. The stability of the platform and the endurance of the aircraft have given Bell the unique ability to acquire data in challenging circumstances:


  • Bell acquired the largest offshore dataset in history. The Basler gave us the capability to ferry for 2 hours from Svalbard to Greenland each day and acquire a full 5 hours of data (800lkm’s)
  • The Basler is a twin engine making acquisition far offshore possible (Greenland)
  •  The stability of the platform saw Bell acquire data in difficult weather conditions whilst retaining the full spectrum of wavelengths from 300m to 100km (Pitkin Petroleum, Malaysia)
  •  Instruments are permanently installed on the aircraft which, combined with an 8 hour endurance saw us demobilize from Slovakia and acquire our first data for Petronas, Malaysia within a 4 day period