Bell Geospace attending Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference

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This month sees the AEGC (Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference) in Sydney, Australia from 18-21 February 2018.  As with many major events in our sector, experts from Bell Geospace will be on hand to meet delegates and engage on how FTG can advance the workflow for oil and gas exploration.

On Monday 19 February Bell Geospace Senior Engineer, James Brewster, will be speaking about gravity gradiometer design comparison by three different methods.  This session is at 1620 in room C2.5/C2.6.

Much of our focus at AEGC will be around how geoscience and technological developments have moved on in recent years and how technology is essential in efficient exploration.  Our team will be focusing in particular on the benefits of Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) and the huge versatility it offers in solving some of the more difficult challenges for exploration in difficult times for the industry.

The combination of our technology and expertise gives companies access to high quality FTG datasets allowing them to examine a large area for exploration.  Only four years ago, Bell Geospace undertook one of the world’s largest onshore FTG surveys ever, when we surveyed blocks in the Northwest Territories.  A return to Australia allows us to demonstrate how our Basler aircraft and expert team can work across the world in a wide range of locations.

We work with both oil & gas and mineral exploration companies.  The FTG data we gather and interpret is used to plan cost-effective seismic programmes and model sub-surface geology to find natural resources.  Having been at the forefront of Gravity Gradiometry for over 15 years and with over 2,000,000 line km under its wings, the business continues to innovate in techniques for acquiring, processing, and interpreting Gravity Gradiometry data.  This allows clients to minimise risk and maximise potential.

If you would be interested in learning more about how Bell Geospace could help your exploration work, please get in touch and we could meet up at AEGC. / +44 (0) 7831 149396 / Skype: michaeldouglas72