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Bell Geospace Introduces Malaysian Multiclient FTG Programme

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Bell Geospace, the world leader in Gravity Gradiometry, together with Onyx Engineering and PETRONAS is pleased to announce the introduction of its Malaysian MultiClient FTG Programme.


The MultiClient FTG Programme includes airborne 3D Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) and magnetic survey data that will be undertaken over offshore Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah.


Fully processed and interpreted library data is now available, spanning 158,000sq kilometres with additional data being added from February 2017.


FTG data is unique in providing a coherent 3D perspective giving immediate tangible advances to the exploration workflow. Utilising and optimising existing data, FTG is invaluable when unraveling complex geological puzzles.


John Macfarlane executive vice president of Bell Geospace comments: “The ongoing licencing bid round is an ideal time to introduce this programme and is an excellent opportunity to prioritise future acquisition for interested parties.


“Our regional FTG data will play a significant role in the exploration process for companies working or considering working in Malaysia, allowing for the first time ever, a rapid selection of areas of interest for bidding and for planning for subsequent seismic acquisition and interpretation work.


“Bell Geospace has been providing Gravity Gradiometry datasets to the industry for 20 years and benefits from the most sophisticated acquisition technology and refined data processing methodology available worldwide. Our data continually exceeds the specification set by our clients with exceptional productivity, proprietary processing and interpretation techniques exclusive to us.”

Proprietary infill data will be acquired on a plan designed to resolve geology of less than 1km with the option to specify tighter line spacing to suit each operator’s objectives. A thorough feasibility study will be provided to prospective operators, outlining the precise survey plan required to resolve sub-surface geological issues.


Case studies of some of the challenges faced in the region illustrating how FTG has helped to overcome these have been written and more examples are being added all the time. These studies will be made available on request.