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  • Bell Geospace Basler BT67 by night

    FTG: Marine to Airborne Solutions

      Colm Murphy – Bell Geospace’s Chief Geoscientist – has written a paper on Full Tensor Gravity – from marine to airborne solutions for offshore, nearshore and transition zone exploration.   He provides an overview of Full Tensor Gravity (FTG), when to use FTG and compares marine versus airborne acquisition.   Read the full paper here

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    We’re hiring!

    Position: Project Director   We are looking for an experienced and dynamic Project Director to manage and deliver projects on time and to maintain focus on outcomes and benefits to our clients. The candidate should possess excellent organisational, communications and interpersonal skills, and be confident working with individuals at all levels – geoscientists, both internal […]

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    The C-47: From D-Day to Airborne Geophysical Survey (Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry)

    Basler Turbo Conversions specialists are refurbishing the military derivative of Bell Geospace’s BT67 DC-3, to take flight once again over Normandy.   The New York Times recently reported the restoration of a C-47, this particular aircraft led hundreds of Allied aircraft into France on D-Day. The military transport plane flooded the airliner market at the […]

  • Momentum Continues as VIDL Network and Bell Geospace Offer Gravity Gradiometry Training via eLearning

    VIDL Network™ (powered by IGC) is pleased to announce the expansion of their portfolio of on-line earth science courses with the release of new courses targeted to people interested in expanding their working knowledge of gravity gradiometry.  The courses, developed by Bell Geospace, provides a combination of videos and real-data projects to explain the difference […]

  • Webinar: Driving Exploration in Malaysia with Air-FTG®

    Colm Murphy, Chief Geoscientist at Bell Geospace delivered the webinar – Driving Exploration in Malaysia with Air-FTG® – on 7 November 2017. The webinar is now available to watch below:   The current low oil price demands innovative solutions for companies, contractors and governments to maintain exploration strategies and exploit the value proposition on their acreage to the industry […]